I can string together a million words
just to let you know of all the reasons
why you shouldn’t give up.

Maybe I should,
pick all the most profound words,
assemble the most eloquent sentences
and bind them in thousands upon thousands of paragraphs
take all the ink and paper the world has to offer,
so thick it’ll keep you warm on the coldest of times.

Or maybe I won’t.

Because when you’re so used to getting hurt,
you don’t realize the people around you hurt too.

Because you feel like you don’t matter.

Then why would our words matter? Why would we matter?

We don’t.

So why do I still do it?

Because I believe my words drive the haze away.
Because I hope you’re reminded that there’s something to look forward to.
Because I think you somehow hear me in the thickness of the silence.
Because I don’t want you thinking no one hears you or sees you or just know you’re there.

But in spite of all the “I’s”
There is a you that drives it.



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