there’s an innocence to holding hands.
that first brush of the tip of his fingers
against my palm.
the way they glide across it,
aiming for the gaps.
the way his fingers curl,
almost hesitantly,
as if i am delicate,
as if holding me too tightly
will break me.
because he knows,
between us,
holding hands will never be just
about hands touching.
so gently, he continues.
fingers clasping.
breath held.

so much for innocence
and the promise of more to come.



Today, I close a chapter of my life hinged to you.
Tomorrow, you start a new chapter of your life unhinged from mine completely.

Today, I ask myself for the nth time – Are you okay?
Tomorrow, tomorrow I will be.

Today, I listen to the same song I played to death 6 years ago.
Tomorrow, I will listen to it again and mean it.

Today, let me keep this day, let it be mine, yours, ours.
Tomorrow, it will be mine alone.

Today, let me remember everything good.
Tomorrow, let me forget everything good.

Today, everything I can be, I can do, I can say, let me say they were for you.
Tomorrow, everything I can be, I can do, I can say, will be for someone who isn’t you.

Today, I will remember the night I was enchanted to meet you.
Tomorrow, I will forget everything you made me feel.

Today, is as monumental for me, as tomorrow will be for you.

So, cheers for me today, and cheers tomorrow, for you.